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We are offering drive-through COVID testing (not inside the clinic) for children and adults in our community.
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My three children have attended Premier Pediatrics for five years, to a well known and trusted pediatric physician who I trust with my life, Dr. Eunus. Three years of non-stop problems with my son, being dismissed from day cares facilities, because of his actions and behavior. Five years ago my children and I were introduced to the best pediatric Doctor, who was highly recommended, Dr. Eunus. When my child was 4 years old I explained to Dr. Eunus what was occurring in the daycares and at home and told Dr. Eunus can he please observe my son and his actions because he specializes in these types of behaviors that my child was showing, as a great listener, and compassionate  Doctor that he dedicates all of his time and energy into each and every one of his patients. Dr. Eunus took out special time to observe all of the issues my child was having, Dr. Eunus figured out what was going on with my child when no other physician took out the time or energy to figure out, now my child is doing very well since Dr.Eunus figured out his prognosis, 5 years ago. Dr. Eunus took my child’s life and my life and turned it into a successful outcome. When Dr. Eunus met my daughter at 1 years old, my child was having heart trouble, she was under another Doctors care, I again explained all of my child’s issues and he found a slight heart murmur that she was born with, again Dr. Eunus took his time, energy, and his wisdom of being a great Doctor and took full force response ability and did what needed to be done, Dr. Eunus saved my child’s life along with mine, now I have had my last child and there has been no problems or any mix commutations because Dr. Eunus has been my child’s Doctor since birth, as I’ve trusted Dr. Eunus with my life, he has taken care of all 3 of my children for 5 years and many more years to come, I know Dr. Eunus will never steer I or my kids in the wrong direction, he’s truly a dedicated physician with a lot of wisdom that takes the time to get to know each and every one of his patients and parents. I will continue to keep referring patients and parents to his clean, respectful facility, for many more years to come.


Miss. Kaley N. Forrester

My children have been being seen by Dr. Eunus for 7 years. Ages 11, 8, 5 years old. We travel over 50 minutes from Orange Springs, Florida to see him and his staff. My children love this Doctor and his staff. I would not take my children anywhere else.My boys are ADHD and ADD diagnosed/treated and they love coming to the doctor. He is a great listener and shows compassion and cares for his patients. I love the fact that since moving to Ocala 7 years ago I have never thought of changing Pediatricians. It is very hard to find the right doctor but I know that we have found the right one.


Thank You for all your caring!!!
The Andrews Family

My kids have been seeing Dr. Eunus as their pediatrician since June 2011. He is a wonderful and caring doctor. Before we came to his office I didn’t know what was going on with one of my kids. The previous pediatrician said that he would grow out of it. As time passed he got worse. One day my kid’s teacher referred me to Dr. Eunus’s office. He helped me with all of my kids. The one that I had the problem with, Dr. Eunus diagnosed him with xxxxxx. He gave me medication for my son. Dr. Eunus never pressured me about giving him the medication. He knew that I was scared of medicating my child. Once I started giving my son his meds he behaved much better. He referred me to another specialist and there my son was diagnosed with xxxxxxxx and other types of conditions. Soon after I had myself and my other kids tested. We all have xxxxxxxx. There is a possibility that two of my other kids may have xxxxxx also. I was a carrier all along and never knew it. Without Dr. Eunus’s help I would’ve never known about our condition. Dr. Eunus has always taken excellent care of my kids and I will trust his judgment. He is the best doctor I’ve met by far. Thank you so much Dr. Eunus for all your hard work and dedication to our family.


The Laiz and Ramirez family

I have 16 month old twins. Dr. Eunus has been their pediatrician since they were born. I am extremely happy with Premier Pediatrics. They are all very friendly and efficient. The wait times are not an issue. I would highly recommend this place to anyone I know.


Thank you
Manal Abdelhack

I have to start with saying Thank You. This is the nicest office I have been in for my son. The staff is always so very nice and respectful. The office and rooms are always clean. He likes everyone here. When my insurance was switched I had to make sure that I stayed with you guys.


So again thank you
Mary Patrick

Dr Eunus has treated my son since birth, he is now 4 years old…..and i will only trust Dr Eunus with his care! He is soo thorough!!!! Never rushes in and out of the room like some doctors tend to do. Most importantly, he actually does care! I have Never felt like a number, he knows my son quite well! He remembers simple minor things specific to my son without referring to a chart or notes. Best Pediatrician in Ocala by far!!!!!!!!!


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When I moved back to Ocala 4 years ago, one of the hardest things was finding a doctor that would take my son with ADHD. When I found Dr. Eunus it was such a blessing. He has always taken the time to sit and answer any questions I have, and explain everything to me. I have never once felt rushed by him or felt like I was asking too many questions. My kids love Dr. Eunus and his whole staff. It’s a wonderful thing when you find a doctor that treats the children like they are one of his own.


Jeannie N
Posted on Google reviews

I take all 3 of my children there. They have always been polite and are great with all the kids. All of my children have issues Asthma, allergies and verbal/textural issues. Each child is treated with respect and they are not scared to go to the doctor.


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Eileen Apple

My kids LOVE Premier Pediatrics. I moved to Ocala a year ago and struggled to find a Pediatrician. Thankfully, a friend suggested Dr. Eunus and my kids adore him. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Eunus provides excellent care which is a huge relief for a parent!


Tiffani C.
Posted on Yelp

I really like this office and staff. It is clean and they are very friendly, especially to each other.

I have never had to wait very long, maybe when they were backed up and “Squeezed me in” I think it might have been forty five minutes? Probably less though.

They are really supportive and nice, and honestly, my son had to get a second referral for surgery shortly after his first and one of the other providers we had seen actually came to offer some support. I think they are good people, and are even available after hours by phone. Far better service than I hear about other pediatricians.


Julie Khan
Posted on Google reviews

We met Dr Eunus in the ER when my son was having multiple medical issues going on. His Pediatrician was not responding to ER pages for the second time in a three week period. Dr. Eunus treated and diagnosed my son, took me aside to an office and sat down with me for about 30 minutes, going over each condition, each prescription, asking if I had any questions.

The care and compassion he displayed, the attention to detail, the patience he gave our family was above and beyond any treatment I have ever seen in any ER in my life. I knew in that moment that I was looking at our new Pediatrician. Dr. Eunus has not disappointed since, nor have I stopped raving about him. By the time we met in his office later that week for ER follow up, the majority of my sons medical issues were resolved. When we went to his office for our first appointment I was delighted to see that his staff was as warm and wonderful as the Dr. himself. All 3 got to know myself and my children.

When I called the office, I could tell they were listening to what I was saying and knew which children I was talking about. There were occasions, in the early days of his practice, when I spoke to Dr Eunus on his personal cell phone. He always answers my questions fully and treats my children as if he has all the time in the world to spend with them, never rushing an office visit. I think the world of Dr. Eunus and absolutely trust him, his knowledge and his care.


Michelle Mongello Sanders

In my 15 years working in the medical field, I have learned a lot about what it takes to have a great private practice. The passion, the knowledge, the commitment endured by all whom work together.

I have been taking my children to Premier Medical for 2 years. When my daughter was born, I took her to another practice in town. It was a referral by a trusted friend. After seeing how dirty the office was, seeing how the front and back staff treated both myself and my newborn and most importantly how the physician treated us, I was determined to look elsewhere. And that’s when I found Dr. Eunus.

You can tell that both the front office staff as well as the assistants in the back office care about the practice, patients and their parents. And then there are the providers themselves. Each one is sincerely concerned with my children’s welfare. And they have the most loving bedside manner, which is important when working with children.

I don’t know that I can truly express in a few short words how proud I am to say that my children go to Dr. Eunus and Premier Pediatrics. My precious gifts are just as precious to them as they are to my husband and me. And my daughter is NEVER afraid! No white coat syndrome here! She sees me pull into the parking lot and exclaims, “Dr. Eunus! Emily!”

So in closing, (thank goodness, right?), if you’re looking for an amazing, clean, friendly and caring environment for your children…look no further than Dr. Shahab Eunus and staff at Premier Medical of Ocala.


With gratitude and love,
Mrs. Randi Victor

I came across a doctor in Ocala that everyone was talking about so I did what I needed to do to get my son into that doctors office and also told my niece she should take her two sons there. Well were those people wrong, we adopted our son and he was very out of control so everyone said he is just a very bad kid, very very bad. As a parent you never stop trying to help your child, so when I went to this doctor he sent him to get tested and they said he is ADHD take these pills and it did help some but just seems there should be something else we could do, after all it calmed him but he still was getting into trouble daily in school and failing his classes.

Then when my nephews went there and the one was sick and we was told he has Myasthenia Gravis so of course as a doctor we believed he was going to help because the doctor that said he had it was an hour away. Well he said he didn’t really know much about that so he would need to go the doctor an hour away when he was sick. Well I said we just need to find a new doctor after all he does seem like he wants to find how to help these boys and we are driving far to get to him and because he said my son had ADHD he couldn’t come when other kids are there they had times set aside for those kids.

We started just looking around and there was a doctor just right around the corner from our house, it was a tucked away office I hadn’t heard about and when I went there to see about them it was just him and a nurse/rep. working. Well I spoke to the doctor asking him things and telling him about our son and even telling him I have a nephew with Myasthenia Gravis and by time I left I knew this was where I needed to take our son.

When I took our son there and the doctor did some testing he found out some of his past, he said he isn’t ADHD he is ADD and with the right medicine and love he will get right on track. Well he also said maybe he needs a different school environment, all kids learn differently. We did the different things he said and our son started doing so much better in school and that he needs to pace himself and things are easier in life. Did also find out that because of the abuse he received from birth to four he does have slight brain damage and can’t contain some things and needs to go by a list to get ready in the morning and doesn’t know how to make the right decision on impulse things.

Well then the doctor who came to our rescue said his office that was just around the corner from our house was moving his office about 35 mins from our house, well although around the corner was great it was a no brainer he needed to stay with this doctor and to top that off he has said how our son should from the time we started going to him should do a sport like karate or kung fu and we own a school so that was great. Well to sum it up this doctor will be our child’s doctor until he can’t go there any more.


Thank you Dr. Eunus for everything.
Mr. and Mrs. Ewing and Mekhi

When I first moved to Ocala from the big city, the most difficult part was finding a new pediatrician for my then 6 month old son. I was really attached to his pediatrician at home.

We have made the decision to use an alternative vaccination schedule for our son, due to my serious concern of anyone administering 6-7 vaccinations in a baby on one day. Our pediatrician in Atlanta recommended the Dr. Sears Vaccination schedule.

So, I knew I was going to need a Pediatrician who was understanding of my decision for my son’s medical treatment.

Who would have known this community would be so unwilling to work with parents. After days of calling pediatrician after pediatrician, I finally found Dr. Eunus. Although he had never heard of the Dr. Sears Vaccination schedule, he was open to meeting me and working with me.

Not only is he an open-minded Pediatrician, not only does he respect parents involvement with their children, not only does he give him medical opinion and why he agrees or disagrees with your decision (but never condescends or dictates), not only does he not rush to antibiotics and chemicals as the first course or option of treatment…

But, he is fabulous to new patients! That, I find is so rare in a Doctor. I made an appointment for my son when I first moved down, and called back a day later needing to move that appointment date because I would be started a new job sooner than expected. His staff was wonderful and fit me in.

And to this day, they are always willing to fit you in, with a smile on their face.

They have been fabulous! As a first time, severely neurotic mother, I have had 2-3xs the “recommended” visits! My son has been in for a cough, runny nose, rash, you name it! And always, they work me in with a smile!

Dr. Eunus takes his time with each patient. Sure, sometimes you have to wait, but that’s because he doesn’t see his practice as a procession of faceless and nameless clients.

I highly recommend Dr. Eunus for your child. He has just opened another office off of Hwy 200, down off of Airport Road. It’s beautiful!


Delia P.
Posted on Yelp

“Love premier Pediatrics, it’s the only place my kids will go”


-Ann Scott

“Dr. Eunus and his staff have provided exceptional care for our grandchild. We are legal guardians of our grandson and became aware of behavior problems that we had not experienced with other children. Dr. Eunus worked with us and diagnosed and has successfully enabled our child to adjust to a quite normal lifestyle. My husband, myself, and our grandson are forever grateful to Dr. Eunus and the entire staff of Premier Pediatrics. Thank you for being there for us. You are so appreciated and admired by our family.” 


Sandra Stavedahl