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Why is Premier Pediatrics of Ocala best for you?

Posted on: December 17th, 2013

Premier Pediatrics provides care for patients from birth to young adult. Dr. Eunus and his team of board certified pediatricians are waiting for you and your family. We can provide children with general pediatric needs and immunizations. If you sense that your child may suffer from ADHD, ADD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, autism, PDD and any other behavioral problems, the team is ready to help find the best solution that works. With services available weekdays and even Saturdays, we can accommodate everyone, including new patients. There is no language barrier as our Spanish speaking staff can assist Spanish speaking patients with state of the art medical care. Many of the staff members speak an array of languages.

Parents bringing their young child to receive care should want to know that the physician and his team are all loving, compassionate people aiming to provide the best care to each child. The staff should be patient, friendly and kind, when working with children. Your child should have a welcoming experience every appointment. Children should not fear their visits to the pediatrician any longer with a staff doing everything to ease their experience. The facility needs to pride itself with excellence while keeping the environment safe, comfortable and clean.

The right team of doctors would work on building trustworthy relationships with children patients. Making them feel special and comfortable with every encounter. Children and their doctors need to be able to have an open communication with each other. It helps get to the core of any potential health issues that they may have going on. If they feel uncomfortable they can hold a lot of valuable information. Doctors gain kids trust and are able to communicate in ways children understand. When a child has a positive relationship with their doctor it makes for a positive and effective visit every time. It’s believed a healthy child is a happy child and the goal is to get each child in the best health possible.

As previously stated everyone in our staff is qualified to care for your child. Our team of doctors consists of Dr. Eunus, board certified; Dr. Lorica, board certified, specializing in pediatric infectious diseases; Dr. Millie Poole, board certified, specialized in all age care. The remaining healthcare staff consists of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners.

When making an important decision as where to send your child to receive the best healthcare, we are eager to build a long lasting relationship with your child.

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