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Family Doctor in Summerfield, Belleview, Crystal River, and all the Surrounding Areas

Posted on: September 18th, 2020

Every healthcare problem might not be an emergency situation; they are an exception. For maximum of the cases, a family doctor is the answer. This is where Premier Pediatrics comes in with our trustworthy professional doctors. Over the years, we have been providing exemplary pediatric care meeting the needs of every child and their patients. We understand that your child is your greatest treasure and hence our staff is very committed and dedicated to make sure he or she enjoys a healthy life and experiences a happy development into adulthood. Dr. Shahab Eunus, our founder, owner, and CMO, is a father himself; therefore you can trust the sincerity and compassion of all the doctors and staff at Premier Pediatrics. It is the positive feedback of our patients and their family that makes us be better every year and provide the latest developments in the medical field. 

Family Doctor in Summerfield, Belleview, Crystal River

Below we have mentioned 2 central reasons why you should have a family doctor. Take a look. 

  1. They know your medical history 

In most cases these doctors have seen you since the time you were a toddler. They treat you for years or even decades and hence are well aware of your medical history inside out. A family doctor can treat you for a wide range of conditions and give you accurate diagnoses. As they have been monitoring your health through the years there’s a bonding of trust in that relationship. 

2. They  can improve lives and save money 

You don’t need a specialist for every kind of healthcare problem; as they say, using more primary care saves more money. And even in cases when you do, your family doctor can find you someone who fits your specific requirements and health condition. For other general check-ups or even a few acute situations like diabetes, arthritis, and sinus infection, your doctor can help you out. 

So, if you need a family doctor in the regions of Ocala, Hernando, Crystal River, The Villages, Williston, and Summerfield, you can contact us. 

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