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Doctor and Pediatrician for the areas of Silver Springs and Summerfield

Posted on: January 31st, 2014

How To Become A Better Pediatrician


This is not that kind of article which teaches life-long doctors tips on how to perform better surgeries. Not at all this article is nothing about surgeries. In fact, this article is barely about doctors.

Still, it contains some important aspects of everyday life that doctors – especially pediatricians – should embrace and apply at work. Being a pediatrician is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world, but at the same time it is also one of the most difficult. A child cannot describe pain; children in pain are rarely willing to cooperate; on top of that, a parent whose child is sick is a difficult person, scared and worried.

So with this entire burden to bear, how can a pediatrician be better than they currently are?

First of all, don’t forget that you are a human being working with human beings. Human psychology might not be in your university’s curriculum, but it is one important aspect you cannot ignore. You can be the best pediatrician in the world as far as your theoretical background and practical experience are concerned; you should also know how to talk to a worried parent and calm their fears down.

A caring, sincere and empathic attitude is an important attribute of a pediatrician. They make a big difference in helping the doctor go through challenging situations. And treating a child is easier when that child comes to actually like you.

An important thing that some doctors cannot accomplish is gaining their patients’ trust. Studies have shown that patients who trust and like their doctors are more likely to follow their advice and treatment. With all the mediatized scandals of pharmaceutical products, some people have become reticent to modern treatments. Only a good doctor and a good pediatrician with a warm and accessible personality can convince parents of the quality of the treatment they prescribe to children.

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