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We are offering drive-through COVID testing (not inside the clinic) for children and adults in our community.
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Doctor in Inverness, Summerfield FL, The Villages, Williston, Homosassa, and Surrounding Areas

Posted on: June 8th, 2020

Whenever you have to visit a medical facility for the first time, you might have many queries about the qualification of the doctor, whether you can trust him or not? At Premier Pediatrics, we assure every patient of ours that the doctors here have sincere care and concern for you and your kids. We make it our topmost priority to immediately address the general health of our patients and pay attention to their severe medical conditions. Our medical team works hard to make sure you overcome your areas of concern without much trouble. We even conduct sessions where we educate the parents in the fundamentals of maintaining good health both for themselves as well as for their children like the importance of a healthy diet, dealing with diseases like autism and mental health or behavioral issues. The parents of Inverness, Summerfield FL, the Villages, Williston, Crystal River, and Homosassa trust us with the health of their kids.

Doctor in Inverness, Summerfield FL, The Villages, Williston, Homosassa

Below we have mentioned a few common services we offer at Premier Pediatrics. Take a look.

  • Skin tag removal

Skin tags contain blood vessels; hence, whenever you want to get them removed you should have professional help. With Premier Pediatrics, you can get scar-free, pain-free, and infection-free in-house removal from our experts.

  • Chronic ear clogging

Even after dozens of home remedies when certain things cannot be cured, you have to consult a medical professional. Similarly, if you think you have hearing problems, let our doctors accurately diagnose the symptoms and provide you the necessary treatment.

  • Allergy testing

We also do immunotherapy and in-house allergy testing. We can conduct a total test of 58 allergens and 2 controls, 60 scratches of cats, dogs, hamsters, and horses, and 2 types of dust mites’ tests, along with 10 different grass pollens.

So, if you are looking for a good doctor, you can give us a call on 352-671-6741.

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